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Uncontested – DIY Divorce

Should you need assistance for an Uncontested DIY Divorce, complete the online application form. For the fee of only R1650 you can be a divorcee in no time.

The Process

In the case of an Unopposed, DIY Divorce where there is no dispute between yourself and your spouse about the divorce or what should happen, the fees are likely to be limited. Sheriff’s fees and minor expenses for transport, photocopies, etc. and where the Sheriff serve pleadings in their offices on the opposing party, the fees would be a few hundred rand.

Once you complete the online application, we will draft all the documentation, make it available to you to proceed with your DIY Divorce. The step-by-step guide and checklist which will consist of the following will be included:

  • Cover Sheet.
  • Notice of Set down
  • Where there are minor children Form A
  • Divorce statistics Form as required by the Department of Statistics
  • Combined Summons
  • Particulars of Claim
  • Deed of Settlement (with parenting plan, if there are children involved)

Upon receipt of the documentation specified above, you need to follow the following steps:

Both you and your spouse will need to sign the Deed of Settlement.

Make the necessary copies of all documents.

Go to Court to issue your Summons and annexures at the Registrar of court, details of which will be supplied to you where the court will amongst others issue the documents with a case number.

Once the papers are issued at court, you will need to take the documents to the sheriff of the Court for service on the Defendant at the office of the sheriff in which the Defendant resides. Costs to serve the documents are approximately between R100 – R200.

It is advisable that both you and your spouse go to the sheriff’s office to speed up the serving of the documents so that the sheriff can serve it on the Defendant, if not the sheriff will serve it at the Defendants work or residence.

(This is the procedure you take when there are no minor children involved.)

Where there are minor children involved. Go to the Family Advocate in your area to endorse the Deed of Settlement.

Go back to Court (Registrar) and request a date for the hearing.

Appear in court on that date given to you by the Registrar.

Uncontested – DIY Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Without Legal Representation:
(when married out of community of property an antenuptial contract will be required)

Important: Your application will be processed once proof of payment has been received. Fee for this service is R1650. Forward your proof of payment to admin@legaladmin.co.za to prevent any delays in the processing of your application.

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